FAMOUS: ‘Caught In the Act’ interview with Director Perry Escano

Director Perry Escaño

In an exclusive virtual interview with “Caught in the Act” writer and director Perry Escaño, he revealed that he is one filmmaker who believes that the Filipino talent in film production is world-class given the right budget and equipment.

“This film (Caught in the Act) shows how gifted Filipinos are when it comes to high technology development and production. The video promotes positive Filipino characteristics such as perseverance in the face of adversity, hard effort, responsibility, and optimism in reaching one’s life goals,” Perry said.

Perry added that the film tackles how gadgets and the faster way of life affect one’s personality and way of thinking, especially the present generation.

“Most Filipinos nowadays – particularly the millennial age – are active on social media, and everyone is aware that apps offer a faster and easier way to interact and communicate. These Apps serve as social companions in today’s world. They play a crucial role in our daily lives, particularly in emergency situations such as those depicted in this video,” the director said.

The movie also offers an interesting soundtrack and three original theme songs of “Caught In The Act” – “Sabihin Ko Na Ba?” (performed by Bamboo B.); “Huwag Muna Ngayon”(Jhassy Busran) and “Nariyan Ka Lang Pala” (Andi Abaya). The songs are composed by Alvin Barcelona.


TV5s feel-good serye “Niña Niño” extends further as the show enters its second season. 

This was announced by award-winning director, Thop Nazareno, in a virtual media conference held recently.
“We are very thankful for the support of our viewers. This gives us another opportunity to give hope and inspiration through our story,” he said.

Nazareno added that with the series’ second season, they are given another chance to remind their audience, especially in this pandemic, that we “can always count on God for answers.”

“Niña Niño” stars Maja Salvador and Cinemalaya 2017 Best Actor Noel Comia Jr, Lilet, and second season’s latest cast addition Ahron Villena.


Doctor to famous Hollywood Stars Dr. Joel Lopez (whose regular patients include Channing Tatum, Steven Seagal, etc) recently met the entertainment press virtually to explain the positive side of EBOO (extracorporeal blood oxygenation and ozonation) procedure, which the doctor performed in “Rated Korina: last July 4.

The feature story got mixed reactions from netizens, and the celebrity doctor wanted to make it clear that it is safe.

Lopez also revealed that he got affected with various negative comments and didn’t get halfway of reading all the reactions from the TV feature.

Dr. Joel Lopez is a US-trained Integrative Medicine Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist. He focuses on Preventive Medicine, Age Management Medicine, Regenerative Medicine and Holistic treatments of Chronic Degenerative Diseases and Age-related disorders.The doctor incorporates different modalities in his practice including Nutritional medicine, IV Nutritional therapies, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Cytokine Therapy, omotoxicology, Oxygen Therapies, and Cell therapy. He is one of the founding members and current Vice President of the Preventive, Regenerative, Integrative Medical Association (PRIMA-Phil), a group of medical doctors whose goal is to bring the practice of preventive, regenerative, and integrative medicine into the mainstream and establish standards for it’s practice. He is the Medical Director of JLopez,MD in Manila, Philippines and Regenesis Medicine in San Francisco, California.